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17 February 2015

It’s all good

So far 2015 has started with a few awesome ongoing creative projects. BRECKERVILLE,is slowly making it’s way onward and upward. Keep checking in on dates. Another fun project I’m working on is MOSAIC, which is a very challenging original quartet. And not your typical one. This is Gtr, Bass Drums and Flute. Also on the horizon is a super fun and challenging duo I’ve been rehearsing with, Flute and Drums. I’ll keep everyone in the loop as things progress.

I’ve been busy as well in the studio (GIANT STEPS RECORDING) with great music from some great bands. ¬†Will post some audio soon. Peace.


Green // Airborne
  1. Green // Airborne
  2. Sweep // Airborne
  3. Daily Lesson // Airborne
  4. Random Access // Airborne
  5. 1st Night // Airborne
  6. Kiss Of Fire // Airborne
  7. The Most // Airborne